Just another day in Vegas.....

I'm always looking for new and fun things to do with my tiny human. I realized we hadn't been to the Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden  at the Mirage Hotel Casino in a long time. The last time we went KC was a baby and of course she didn't know what was going on. So we went back the other day for some fun. We skipped our normal play group and opted to hang out with the dolphins, lions and tigers and I'm so happy that we did. Kennady LOVED the dolphins. She jumped and screamed when they'd swim by or jump. We stayed for a couple hours just walking and watching. She had so much fun that I had to go back and buy an annual pass. She enjoyed it more than the Shark Reef so since that annual pass was expired instead of renewing it we just did the dolphin habitat one. Chances are we'll be going weekly.

Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden!

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