Not my mind set

Now let me start off by saying that yes I'm very naive about certain things. Like I will never understand why someone would feel like another human being shouldn't have the same rights as they do. This brings me to International Women's Day. I honestly thought it was common among women to think that women should be paid the same as men. Much to my shock today I found out that some women don't think so. Oddly enough most of these women don't actually HAVE jobs so maybe that's part of it. I was informed that since American women aren't stoned to death that American women should "shut up". Now this form of thinking blows my mind. So because someone has a different struggle from yours it makes yours invalid? How so? Is being stoned horrible? Of course it is and VERY wrong. Now for a woman who is the breadwinner or contributes to the household financially in general being paid less solely because you have a vagina is wrong. Making less money can effect a family in a negative manner. Just because it's not "stoning" doesn't mean it's not a problem or concern for a family. The idea that others have it worse so shut up is what many used to say to black people during the civil rights movement. The same thing was said to the LGBT community in the 60s,70s , ect. Just because something doesn't effect you directly doesn't mean it doesn't effect someone else or their family. You and your family aren't more important than anyone else.

I believe in the right for a woman to make her own reproductive choices. Which includes the right to be profile for herself (but don't tell me I have to be pro life). One doesn't have to be "pro abortion" in order to be pro choice. Nor do you have to even like abortion to be pro choice. Want to know the true? NO ONE likes abortion. NO ONE! No woman is skipping to the clinic singing to have a D&C. They just aren't No matter what the pro life movement tells you. I believe that if a woman wants to remain pregnant she should be able to. If she doesn't want to she shouldn't be forced to. What another woman does with the contents of her uterus is her business, not mine.

I want all the little girls out there (mine or otherwise) to grow up in a world where being female isn't seen as a liability or a weakness. I want little girls to grow up and not even remember when they weren't treated equally. Yes I know knowing your history is important. Maybe I should say I want them to grow up and not know the experience of  not being treated equally. I want the little girls of today to grow up to be the business leaders of tomorrow, making the same amount as their male counterparts. Not because they are female but because they can do the job just as good as the man sitting next to them. The idea that women today wouldn't want this for our next generation of women (even if they don't want it for themselves) is just mind blowing.

We should all be equal.

I couldn't figure out how to get the direct link to the video that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wishing all women a happy International Women's Day. This video made my heart, mind and soul all VERY happy. It doesn't help that he's nice to look at too lol BUT he as a man said such amazing and kind things about women. We need more of this ! Canada has Justin Trudeau and we have Cash Me Outside girl *facepalm*

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