Consignment sale.....or not

I was sitting here going through stuff to tag and get ready for the next consignment sale. When I was pregnant my BFF got me this adorable Graco travel system. I sold the car seat that matched at the last sale but for some reason I didn't feel like selling the stroller. I have many other strollers at this point and hardly ever use the Graco so why not sell it? Right? Wrong! As I was sitting here wrestling back and forth about selling it I realized why I was so attached to it. This stroller is the first thing I ever put together all on my own for Kennady. I remember sitting outside my mom's house in the driveway. I pulled the car seat out of the box and installed it in the car. Then I pulled the stroller and all it's pieces out of the box and laid them in the driveway. I was out there pregnant and all alone. I got to work. It had been years since I put a stroller together and I'd never had to do it by myself. So this was all new to me. Slowly but surely it started to look like a stroller. When I finished it I was so proud of myself. I remember thinking HEY I DID IT!!!

So yeah I think the ole Graco will be sticking around for awhile longer. I really do look at it as an accomplishment since before Kennady I'd never had to put ANYTHING together on my own. People always did it for me or we paid someone to do it. It's been important to me to put everything for Kennady together by myself. #GirlPower Well everything but her new slide. F*ck that slide!!! Who the hell has a random block of wood laying around to put a slide together? Kennady's Auntie Janet ended up putting it together using a big rock. Whatever she loves it and it's in one piece! That's all I wanted.

Kennady's first ride in her travel system We went grocery shopping. 
Before that I'd just been taking her car seat everywhere. 


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