Can she hear?

I'm not sure if I have talked about this before but Kennady has yet to start talking. She's in speech therapy and all that good stuff. Last week she had her appointment with the ENT and audiologist. It was an interesting appointment. I had heard all sorts of horror stories about the hearing tests for toddlers. I was slightly afraid since KC hates having people touch her ears.  We arrived early so I could do the paper work. Thankfully my mom was able to come with me and "toddler wrangle" if need be while I filled out forms. Since it was so early in the morning Kennady sat in her stroller and ate her gluten free waffles for awhile. Which was awesome. Then the office assistant turned on Curious George and life was even better for my tiny human.

They called us in for a weight and height check. I was thrilled that she now stands on the big girl scale like a pro! After that we were taken to the room with the sound booth. They sat me in a chair in the middle of the booth and put Kennady on my lap. It was simple they'd play a sound and she was to look towards where she heard the sound coming from. They shut the door and the sounds started. She looked toward every sound. I wanted to cry because I had been really worried. Then came the melt down part. They had to stick this thing in her ear to take pictures of her ear drums. That required me to hold her in like a bear hug with one hand and hold her head still with the other hand. I needed to grow 4 more arms lol My mom couldn't come inside the booth because there really wasn't room. After all that was over she nursed and all was right with the world again.

Next stop was the doctor. He looked at the results of the hearing test and said he thought everything was fine but explained that she could have a hearing issue in one ear but they couldn't tell due to her age and the inability for her to keep head phones on for a long period of time. Maybe I should say her 2 year old unwillingness to keep the head phones on lol Then he wanted to look into her hears. My mom and I both had to hold her down. My mom had to hold her feet so she didn't kick the doctor in a "sensitive" area and I was holding her arms down and trying to keep her head still. He was happy with what he saw and said "see you in two years".

So basically my two year old has selective hearing (so do I lol) and makes the choice to ignore me at certain points. So yeah she's just a normal two year old. Thank God such a blessing.

Oh and I think I might need MY hearing checked because a few of the sounds I was like WHERE are those coming from lol Oy!

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