Premium Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser REVIEW!

My tiny princess  loves this thing. It makes her WANT to wash her hands. I love that it squirts out a small amount of soap. The perfect amount to wash your hands and not waste anything. It's easy to setup, fill and use. KC loves sticking her hand under there to get the soap to come out. It has saved me a lot of mess and clean up. With the pump soap bottles KC would try to push it as many times as her little hand would let her and would melt down when I'd tell her no. So this saves on clean up and melt downs lol Overall a great product.

 * I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product:
  • INNOVATIVE TOUCH-FREE MOTION SENSOR - Our innovative technology provides a sanitary, no-touch and easy-to-use experience that will avoid the spread of germs and viruses. Activated when needed (unlike others that are too sensitive and can have spillages).
  • EASY TO USE (GREAT FOR KIDS) - They will love this! Simply place your hand under the sensor and watch the soap automatically dispense. The smart motion will encourage the kids to wash their hands regularly.
  • MONEY SAVER: Conserve your cash! Our soap automatic dispenser releases just the right amount of soap needed. There are 3 VOLUME MEASUREMENT SETTINGS to allow you to control the perfect amount of soap for you. No more spillages!
  • WORKS WITH ANY SOAP - The EVA automatic soap dispenser is designed to work with your favorite liquid soap or hand sanitizer.
  • CONTEMPORARY SLEEK DESIGN - The brushed stainless steel looks fabulous in any bathroom or kitchen sink. The SMUDGE RESISTANT coating will make it EASY TO CLEAN and help maintain its great condition.

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