Car Baby Mirror - Rear Facing by DRIVE REVIEW!

My tiny princess will be rear facing in her car seat until she out grows the rear facing limits on all of her car seats. Being able to see her from the front seat is awesome.  I love this cute little mirror. We've had a ton of mirrors over the last two years and this one is one of my favorites. It has an adorable giraffe on it. KC loves looking at and talking to the giraffe . It's super easy to install and adjust. The blue part is ultra soft so if it does become a projectile there are soft parts on the mirror. The reflective part IS hard plastic so keep that in mind. Overall an awesome product.

*I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

See what the company has has to say about their product:

We believe this Rear Facing Baby Mirror from DRIVE Baby stands out from the crowd with its hand crafted stuffed lion and giraffe corner piece.  The snuggly soft premium quality mirror is tested safe and non-hazardous certified.  You're going to love seeing the crystal clear reflection of your child in the adjustable shatterproof acrylic mirror.

Don't be fooled by it's gentle appearance...  A functional design made with high-end components are primary to this must have new baby accessories for moms and dads.  Drive Auto Products evaluates existing products for design errors, and then re-engineers features to bring affordable a luxury accessory to market.

In this case in particular the adjustable strap is made with both vertical and horizontal adjustment straps to help you set it up and KEEP it up.  Many other mirrors in this category skimp here, and after driving over a few bumps it shifts or worse, falls down completely. 

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