Bamboo Spoons REVIEW

Feeding a toddler is never easy. We did BLW (baby led weaning) with KC which was awesome but she got in the habit of eating with her hands which I totally don't mind BUT others seem to. She KNOWS how to eat with utensils but makes the choice not to. I guess she finds her hands faster. Who knows. These bamboo spoons are one of the few utensils that she will actually use on a routine basis. The handles make them easy for tiny hands to grip and the fact that the silicone spoon part comes off makes them super easy for me to clean. We love these things! 

 * I received these spoons in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

About the Product
  • Food-grade organic silicone/bamboo hybrid spoons (5 piece) in a smooth finished handcrafted box with magnetic lid enclosure
  • Are you looking for a unique baby gift idea for a baby shower? This set is made of the best quality organic and biodegradable bamboo--it will be sure to impress
  • Perfect in size for infants and toddlers learning to self feed. The wide flexible tips help kids learn to coordinate and balance food better than the typical narrow spoon on the market
  • Our training spoons are 5.5 inches long, lightweight, food-grade and BPA free. They are soft, flexible and free of toxins or plastics
  • The dishwasher safe silicon spoon heads must be periodically detached for cleaning; the wood handles must be hand washed only

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