Goats.... chickens and sheep.. OH MY!

I love that there is something always going on around here. I'm always looking on social media and in the news paper for different things to do with KC. I don't want her sitting in the house all day everyday. I found something called Family Fest on a website. It was a free event at the mall so I figured why not?!  I had wanted to go to the Farmer's Market anyway and it was being held in conjunction with the weekly Farmer's Market. I'm so glad we went. There was a petting zoo with goats, chickens , sheep and bunnies. I went by and let KC kinda hang out on the outside of the gate to see if she showed any interest. She did!!! So we walked around to a few booths and got tons of freebies then made our way back to the petting zoo. We paid the fee and went on in. KC made quick friends with an adorable goat. Mr goat and KC wouldn't leave each other. They were so cute together.  They walked around together and everything. Then she met Mr sheep and she just stood there patting his wool and looking at me with this look of awe on her face. I love that look! The look oh wow mom this is new and pretty neat.

We ended our day with a lovely gluten free , nut free and dairy free lunch and a walk around the indoor farmer's market. Yummy food and fresh fruits and veggies, what more could you ask for on a lovely mommy and me day out? :)

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