Mr Bones' Pumpkin Patch

On our last trip to California we went to the famous Mr Bones' Pumpkin Patch . Every year I hear about Mr Bones Mr Bones MR BONES! So this year we are finally in town during the Halloween season so my friend and I had to take the tiny princess. Now from the start you KNOW this is a LA pumpkin patch. Only an LA pumpkin patch would have a paid (and not paid if toy are a celebrity) VIP section complete with private VIP bathrooms. VIP Package! What makes Mr Bones' so special goes far beyond the pumpkins. They have a petting zoo (which of course is KCs favorite), pony rides, giant rocking horse, face painting, pumpkin decorating, blow up slides and SHOWS!! Yes they have full on shows! 

Our first stop when we got to LA was to go eat at Au Fudge. I'll tell you more about that later :)  We got to Mr Bones' around 5pm. We of course headed straight to the petting zoo so the princess could play with all the goats she wanted. Now I'm not a huge animal lover but since I gave birth to Dr Doolittle I've been to every farm and petting zoo within 200 miles. Mr. Bones was the first place I actually hand fed a goat!! Yes a GOAT and he was HUGE!!! After feeding him I went and started petting a smaller goat that had jumped up on some hay and who comes over to get in on the love fest? Big Goat!!! So I had to pet the both of them lol Then we headed for the giant rocking horse, tee pees and finally to the PUMPKINS! Kennady picked out a nice small pumpkin and some Indian corn. By this point we were all exhausted. We chose to not valet park so after spending a few hours there the walk back UP the hill was not the most fun to say the least. Moral of the story..... pay for valet parking lol

Overall we had an awesome time at Mr. Bones' and will be back next year. Hmmmmm I wonder does Mr Bones do Christmas trees........

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