This is not ok!

Much like everyone else in the world I sat up last night waiting for election results. I had so much faith and hope in America. I was wrong. Oh so very wrong. Last night America allowed hate to win. How do we explain this to our children? How do we explain it to ourselves? How can people justify hate , racism , mocking and being OK with sexual assault? As a woman of color who gave birth to a tiny woman of color I am afraid. I don't even know what to say or feel right now.  I guess I can take comfort in the fact that Hillary won the popular vote. More people voted against hate than for it. We just weren't in the right states. My daughter has gymnastics today and I am literally afraid to leave my house as a person of color.

I'm a friend and ally to and for the LGBT community , I'm a friend to Muslims, I'm a friend to Mexicans , I'm a friend to women and our rights as women. These things are the reasons I am so shell shocked right now.

My timeline is making me giggle this morning. The people who dished out the most hate are now singing the song of ok now lets be nice. Nope sorry I can't and wont be nice to you. I remember you saying that my rights as a woman and a human being meant nothing. I remember you insulting babies and calling them ugly just because their grandparents happen to be the Clintons. I remember when you said "f*gs" shouldn't be allowed to marry. I remember when you said it's ok for the police to stop people of color "just in case... well you know" (no asshat I don't know). I remember when you made fun of sexual assault victims because being grabbed by the pussy is a BAD THING. I remember when you made excuses for the mocking of people with disabilities as "well he wasn't talking about THAT reporter". I remember you saying that NO Muslim should "ever" be allowed into our country even if they were born here because they aren't "real Americans". So no I can't be nice to you. Now that I know these are the true feelings in your heart I can't even have you or your views in my life. When someone shows you who they REALLY are ....believe them. I'm believing!. 

What to tell our children from an educators stand point Click Here 

*Sorry if this post is all over the place. My head is kind of all over the place right now*

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