Snap and Shop Tray REVIEW!

With KC having so many food allergies I always have to take her food with us no matter where we are going. I can't just stop and grab her a burger or something. We do a lot of shopping...yes I'm a shop-o-holic but that's for another post...when we're out shopping KC likes to have her snacks. I had tried to figure out creative ways for her to be able to grab her own snacks instead of me having to stop or push the cart with my elbows and hand her her snacks. Enter the Snap and Shop Tray!! This toddler/kid gadget is my new go to baby shower gift. You don't even know you need it until you get it. It makes shopping so much easier. From the thick Target handle bars to the smaller carts at TJ Maxx the Snap and Shop Tray has fit on them all.. The part that locks around the handle bar adjusts to fit just about every cart (I haven't found one it doesn't fit yet).It's made from sturdy plastic. It comes apart to it easily fits into your diaper bag or purse. Overall this is a great product a total mommy must have. Get yours now!

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