My big girl


After making the appointment almost two months in advance my pretty princess finally got her ears pierced. I only trusted her doctor to them so I had to wait until she had an opening. We got to the office at 10:50am and didn’t get in until NOON. Yeah it was long wait. I think it was well baby check up day. We walked in and there were a good 20 babies there under the age of one month old. We were 10 minutes late for the appointment so we had to wait. The poor nurse comes in and tries to mark Kennady’s ears for the doctor. Of course Kennady freaked out because well you know “stranger danger”.  I ended up nursing her so she’d be still. The doctor came in shortly after her ears were marked , checked her eyes and ears, had a different nurse hold her and pierced her ears. It was sooooo quick. Kennady didn’t even cry. I picked her birth stone (Aquamarine) for her first pair of earrings. Knock on wood she hasn’t started messing with them yet. I turn them and put alcohol on them daily. The last thing I want is for her to get an infection or something. They say in 6 weeks I can change them but I totally love the Aquamarine color. We’ll see.



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