Make money with your mobile phone

Lets talk about mobile apps. Actually one in particular called GigWalk.
GigWalk is what they call a micro job site.
Gigwalk uses your GPS location to show you jobs in your area. The trick is you have to "apply" for most jobs. Most days there is at least one "anywhere" job. These jobs are ones that anyone can apply for no matter what your location is. Jobs tend to run from $3 to $30 each. You have to wait to see if you are selected for the assignment so that can be a pill to deal with. They give you a certain amount of time to complete the job if you are selected.
Gigwalk has apps for both Iphone and android.  You must visit the main website /  for more info.

The types of jobs GigWalk offers are .....
Store audits
Secret shopper
Focus groups
Field audits
Office admin.
Event staffing
Vacation rental services
Mobile app testing
and many more
I snapped these two photos using my iphone and my personal gigwalk account. This is to show what the app actually looks like after you download it.
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As you can see not only do they give you a list of current jobs but a map showing where other jobs are. This app is great when you're traveling. You can find a job for some extra cash while on vacation. Gigs are paid via paypal.

Good luck and happy working

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