I built it all

I was sitting around looking at pictures of all the stuff Kennady’s has had in the last 10 months. That’s when I realized I have put together all of Kennady’s stuff by myself. I built it I built it all. It may not sound like a big deal but for me it really is. I’ve never put anything together in my life. I’ve always had people to do stuff like that for me. I take great pride in having put together all of Kennady’s stuff by myself.
I’m not exactly the most handy person on earth but it was very important to me to put all of Kennady’s things together myself. I guess it’s to prove to myself that I don’t need “a man” to do the hard physical work.
I actually put the changing table together with NO instructions. I went to a store called USA Baby that was going out of business. They put up an ad on Facebook saying “Make us an offer”. My mom and I went on down there. I saw the changing table already put together and offered them $35. They said ok. THEN I had to figure out HOW to get it into the car. I ended up having to take it apart out in front of the store in the hot sun. The sales girl was really nice and helped me bag up all the screws and stuff. I forgot to take a picture of it before we took it apart. DUH! So we came home and I put all the parts in the middle of the floor and got to work. 2 hours later Kennady had a beautiful changing table.  I must admit that one I was VERY proud of. A few times I wanted to say screw it and not put it together but I knew Kennady would love it and be ultra comfortable while she got her tiny tushy changed. Oh yeah and my back would hurt less from bending over and changing her on the changing table on the play pen.
I’ve gotten rather good at putting things together now. We still have yet to open ALL her Christmas gifts but when we do I’ll be right there to put it all together.
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