My birth was perfect for me


I realized tonight that I LOVE telling my birthing story. It’s not “conventional” but it was very fitting for me. Tonight I was talking to my ex (NOT Kennady’s father) and explaining how and why Kennady was born via c-section. I get so much joy out of telling people about my experience. Everything from the way I went into labor to how my amazing midwife Toni made the decision that would keep both Kennady and I alive. To having a hacking cough after major surgery and wanting to punch people because of the pain. To sitting looking at the machine Kennady was hooked to for hours.


When Kennady was born she didn’t cry. My nurse was sitting above my head leaning over and telling me “we talked about this. We said she wouldn’t cry”. I was nice to have her there but having talked about it didn’t make it any less scary.

In some of my mommy groups women are depressed and upset over their c-sections. I’m quite happy with mine. Every time I look at my daughter I am thankful that the medical technology exists that allowed her to be born alive and stay that way. 



NO none of it was on my birth plan but God had another birth plan for me and I must say it was pretty stinkin’ awesome!


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