Tide to Go!


As the mother of an infant stains are just a part of life. Tide to go sticks make life a bit less stain covered. Granted my daughter still dribbles all over the place. Which I don’t fully understand. She’s excusably breastfed so HOW she gets mommy milk all over the place is beyond me. I blink and splat!!! Boobie milk all over her new dress, car seat, blanket and mommy’s shirt.  I keep a Tide to Go pen in my diaper bag for those quick clean ups. We all want our kids to look adorable for as long as possible (I wish the kids knew that ha ha!) but it doesn’t always work out like that. This thing is quick and easy to use. There is also no harsh smell which is great when you’re dealing with babies.I have always used Tide products and now I travel with Tide. I’m sure it will come in handy even more in a few months when my daughter starts eating solid foods. Thank you Tide and Influenster for letting test such an amazing product. I’ll be buying more when this one runs out.


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