Yes I'm Frugal!

As a single mom I'm always looking for good deals on everything. Hey savings money is a good thing, right? Typically protein is pretty costly. My daughter can't eat any poultry or most fish / seafood. So I have to buy a lot of beef , pork and lamb which can add up very quickly. So when I go into stores now I always look for the yellow sale tags or in some stores they are called "Manager's specials". These are meats that are nearing their "sell by" dates. They are perfectly safe if used by or frozen by the listed dates. So PLEASE don't think I am eating or feeding my kid some sort of unsafe meat or anything. 

My daughter LOVES ham so when I saw these tiny hams on sale I jumped on them. I have a deep freezer so whenever I see discount meats and other proteins I always try to buy them and stock up. 

Money Saving Tip: If you have the room stock up on manager's special meats.

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