I really wanted to love this cam but I just don't. It's a good cam if you have natural lighting coming into the room it's in. If you don't you get this foggy type of picture. The night vision part has your typical foggy night vision feed but it only shows MAYBE 3 feet in front of the camera. Even three feet in front of the camera is pushing it. Anything further than that is just a foggy blurry mess. The app is just eh. I never got it to work on my Iphone 6 or my Iphone 5c but it did work on my Ipad. The app and install is pretty easy to use on the Ipad. What I found works best for this cam is sticking it under a window during the day and really close to your child's bed at night. The cord could make it problematic when trying to place it close to your child's bed. It could be a strangulation hazard. So PLEASE be very careful. Overall it's a good starter cam for to help parents ease their minds. If you're looking for awesome quality video this just isn't the cam for you unless you have natural light 24/7. The cam is light weight and made from good quality plastic.

*I received this camera in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their camera:

  • The SMART Baby Cam allows you to monitor your baby directly from your phone anywhere you have a 3G/4G/Wifi Connection.
    Custom Application on iOS, Android and Viewable from PC.
    SMART Features include: Remote Video Recording, Night vision, Two Way Audio, Temperature change alerts and much more.
    SMART Baby Cam is powered via USB Wall charger so that you're always connected!
    Easy and intuitive installation.

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