Easter is upon us!

Easter is a beautiful "holiday". I view it more from a religious perspective and less of a holiday but that's just comes from growing up in church. As a lover of all things Groupon I went and found that my favorite photographer had listed another Groupon special. So of course I had to snap one up for the princess' Easter pictures. My BFF's mom bought KC a pretty dress last year for her first birthday but my tiny human is so tiny that she can just NOW fit into it.. It is perfect for Easter and pictures. So we traveled out to one of our local parks and shot some really adorable pictures. I was shocked at how well it went. I was kind of worried that the shoot was only 30 minutes. You know with toddlers anything can happen lol. I came to the shoot with props that I had purchased at the 99 cent store. I always suggest going to the 99 cent store for things like photo props and stuff. No point in paying top dollar for things you're going to use once and toss in the closet. That's my frugal mama tip for the day. :)  I'll post a couple of the finished product pictures as soon as I get them back.

 I shot these pictures when we were leaving the park. 


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