2 years old

It's hard to believe that two years ago the most amazing tiny human came into my life via an emergency c-section. We started the morning with the princess' birthday breakfast ( gluten free and vegan waffles, sausage and tofu scramble). Then we went to church. She slept through church. I went to put her in the car and she woke up. So I went back inside so she could see the pastor and have birthday prayer. My mini me walked down the middle isle of the church smiling and waving at  everyone. Like she was running for Congress or something lol We had birthday prayer then headed off to the Aquarium. We went for her birthday last year so I figured we'd make it a tradition and go back this year too. She fell in love with the sting rays. We stood at the big tank for an hour literally. She just watched and watched and talked to them. It was adorable and oddly I didn't mind just standing there for an hour. The joy on her tiny birthday face was so worth it. After the aquarium we went home for dinner. I fixed her her favorite vegan cheese quesadilla, corn and mango.  I was going to get all fancy but hey I just fixed her what she loves and went from there. I was able to find some awesome vegan, gluten free and nut free chocolate treats for her since neither of us can have regular cake. We got a regular cake for the family so they wouldn't be forced to eat allergy friendly lol. It was a fun day had by all. She passed out at around 7pm and slept ALL NIGHT! Normally she wakes up at least once to nurse. When I woke up to nurse her she was still asleep. So I went right on back to bed.

The next day we had her party with one of her play groups. It was so much awesome watching her and all the kids having so much fun. The best part was we did cupcakes and stuff at the end so I sent the kids home all sugared up and bouncing off walls. Mean, I know but they all had so much fun. Overall I think my princess had a wonderful 2 day birthday celebration. Now mom needs a nap lol

One must wear a princess tutu for her birthday.

Birthday morning!

Having birthday lunch at the aquarium. By this point 
she'd taken off her shoes and her socks and dropped them
in the stroller basket. 

Birthday shoes from Auntie Janet

Lets dance!

Rock out with your tongue out!

Yummy chocolate!

Jelly Fish!

Well hello there Mr Sting Ray

Pretty Fish

I'll just watch from here thank you very much!

Sharks and turtles OH MY!

Gluten free, vegan and nut free 
chocolate yumminess!

My new friends the sting rays!

Gotta have a nap before more fun!

Why go in the door when you can go in 
through the window?

The family cake!

*~ Inza ~*

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