To wean or not to wean

My tiny princess is almost a year old and she still night nurses. I’m not bothered by it but it seems as tho others are. She nurses 2 or 3 times a night.  Everyone  keeps saying night wean her night wean her. I don’t understand why. I enjoy our late night/early morning times together just the two of us. No one else awake in the house. I sing to her , I cuddle her and nurse her back to sleep. It’s comforting for both of us. She’s only going to be a nursling for a short time. Why not treasure that time while it’s happening? Why try to rush out of it? Am I exhausted? Of course I am but I would have it no other way. She’s my baby she needs me and I need her. I don’t see anything negative about night nursing. Kennady’s dentist says her teeth are perfectly healthy. I do use Spiffies Tooth wipes after she nurses so the milk isn’t sitting on her teeth at night while she sleeps. That way her teeth will stay healthy. Outside of that what’s the problem? If she wants to night nurse at 3 that’s fine with me. It wont be forever. I cherish the nursing time my princess and I have together.

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