First I’d like to apologize for the long time between posts. I’ve been trying to plan my daughter’s first birthday and it’s been CRAAAZY! I promise to do better from now on.
Well my princess turned ONE. It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by. I remember going into labor like it was yesterday. Now she’s mommy’s big girl. We went to the aquarium on her birthday. It was so much fun. She wanted to see and touch everything. She laughed and “talked” to everyone including the fish. A big shark swam by and she clapped for him. It was totally adorable. I loved seeing her see things for the first time. After that we came home and had vegan cake and ice cream. I didn’t get any smash cake pictures because she refused to smash her cake or even touch it with her hands. She was on the other hand quite thrilled when mommy agreed to feed it to her. We all ate vegan for about 30 minutes.
It’s been a crazy year but I have loved it. I have officially experienced all my daughter’s “first” holidays with her. We’ve gone through a lot of firsts in general. I can’t wait for more.  She even have a mini birthday party at mommy and me. I bought cupcakes and everyone seemed to enjoy them. I was going to bake but I was just too exhausted so I would the store bought route.
I thought a lot about my midwife on my daughter’s birthday. I’m in the process of writing her a letter. What do you say to the woman you feel God put in your life to save your baby’s life. Had I not had a midwife that went with her gut and spiritual feeling I’m not sure Kennady or I would be here right now. I know what can happen when medical professionals only want to go by the book. I’m so thankful for Toni. How do you put how truly thankful you are in a letter? I have no idea but I am going to try.  She will be forever mine and Kennady’s angel.
The NICU staff will forever be in my heart too. They took care of Kennady and kept her here with me. I may write them a group letter too. I know I will be sending them her 1 year pictures when I finally get them.
The ladies over at perinatal services were beyond an amazing help. They kept me sane and healthy.These people do so much for women but I wonder if they really know how life changing their actions are. Having an amazing support system was a huge reason why Kennady and I both left that hospital alive and healthy. These women are amazing. They were amazing for me. They were amazing to me.
I will think of all of them on Kennady’s birthday every year. Hell I’ll think about them year round.
Oh and my best friend called me at 8:24pm to wish Kennady a happy birthday. 8:24pm the exact time my princess entered this world.
Her infancy was pretty stinking awesome.I look forward to what her toddler years have in store for us. I’m blessed and lucky to be her mother. I’m proud to be her mother. God gave me this most amazing child and I will cherish her until the day I die.
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