The Holidays are Upon us!!!

YAY I love the holiday season! We started the season by going and seeing some Christmas lights. We went to this cool event the other night. They had food trucks, arts and crafts, live music and even Santa was there!!Kennady had so much fun looking at all the lights and eating her gluten free snacks. I was very impressed that she didn't freak out with Santa. She just kind of looked at him like who the heck are you? Which I got a good chuckle from.

Kennady's coat and hat got so many complements. It was a gift from our Aunt and of COURSE  in this family we don't wait for Christmas (which is why many of us don't shop ahead anymore) so the princess got to wear her Christmas coat to go meet Santa.

Next up is finding a photographer for Christmas pictures. I can't wait to go see more lights and SNOW! Yes I'm going to brave not only the snow but mountains. I'm totally afraid of heights so this will be one of those fear conquering things....I hope.


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