Play Group!

I finally started taking Kennady back to a toddler play group we used to be in. I stopped going because Kennady was so much smaller than the other kids and was just learning to walk that the other kids just ran her over and i was afraid she'd get hurt. YES I'm THAT mom. Now that she's gotten a bit bigger and can walk RUN very well I thought we'd start back again. So off we went. The group has about 15 kids and parents. I thought it was great to see dads there taking part. The group starts out with an open play sort of thing while everyone gets signed in and settled in. Then they have clean up time which Kennady did not enjoy. When she starts playing with a toy she wants to play with it until SHE is done with it (we're working on that). Then we moved to circle and song time which was fun. She actually sat like a big girl and took part. Then we had "station play". They had five different stations. Station 1: Books, station 2: Puzzles, station 3: balls , station 4: Blocks and station 5: crafts. Kennady loved all of them BUT the craft station. So they were nice enough to pack the craft up and let me take it home for her to do with grandma. Every 10 minutes the kids were to switch to the next station. Well my tiny princess didn't like that idea either and had a slight tantrum. She's not the kicking and screaming kid ....yet but she does the whole back bend thing. So I let her back bend herself down to the floor (while I'm holding her hands to make sure she doesn't hit her head) and I let her lay there. Then I walked off. I got MAYBE 4 steps away and she stopped and got up. She didn't do it again after that. I guess she didn't get the reaction she was looking for. lol  After stations time it was clean up time. Kennady actually helped put the balls back in the bag. Granted she tried to take them back out but hey she's only 20 months old. Then it was time for bubbles which she LOVES. We ended with parachute and song time.

 I think she had fun so we will go back next week and the week after that and so on.


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