YES I am THAT mom and NO I don't care

I know screen time for kids under a certain age is oh so controversial for a lot of people. It's not in my house. Today I was getting my nails done (as I do every two weeks ) and Kennady who is normally the best behaved child felt the need to act like a toddler while we were there. I've never had an issue taking her to the nail place with me. It's well ventilated and I always have her stroller fan blowing to keep anything away from her. The place only has three walls. The front is all open. I say all this because I know people will freak out about taking a toddler to the nail place because of fumes. So anyway Kennady was in her stroller acting like a toddler. I pulled out her Android phone , her Verizon JetPack and hanging bear phone holder. I set everything up for her to watch her Baby Einstein videos, gave her her favorite juice cup  , a Baby Mum Mum and she was the happiest kid ever. Now I know some people don't agree with this and would "never" allow a screen to entertain their child. Fine that's you and YAY YOU! That's not me. I try to be considerate of others. No one is paying to sit there and listen to my child scream. Hell I'm not paying to sit there and listen to my toddler scream and I LOVE her. After her video started she sat there giggling like the sweetest angel until my nails were done and then we went shopping for a Christmas dress.

I personally see nothing wrong with parents who use electronics to entertain their kids especially when they are out and about. Kennady is normally the best kid ever when we're out but even the best kid can have an off day. Why not allow them to be entertained and NOT disturb others around them? As parents I think we forget that not everyone wants to deal with OUR child(ren) and I'm a believer that they shouldn't have to. If it gets really bad of course I will get up and leave but if I can find a way to get my nails done or have dinner out without my princess screaming like someone lit her on fire AND it only involves a $9.99 android phone....yep I'm all over it. For your sake and mine. You should really thank me. I could just let her scream and ignore her like I've seen many a parent do. Now I'm not saying use the screen all the time but sometimes isn't going to kill them.

*The Kennady anti meltdown kit*

Bear Phone Holder: $0.99
Coolpad Android phone : $9.99
Verizon Jetpack: Free with two year contract
TROND® Atom Portable Charger: Free for review
Sitting like a big girl while I get my nails done: Priceless! 

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