Small Business Saturday!

I always love supporting small businesses. Heck I AM a small business. So a couple weeks ago on Small Business Saturday I took the princess to do some shopping at one of the local events. Oh It was awesome. I wish I had gotten more pictures but we were enjoying ourselves so much that I totally forgot to pull out my phone until we sat down to have lunch. There was a booth for a local Mexican Restaurant. I love Mexican food but can't eat it too much anymore since I'm still nursing and the princess has so many allergies. Well this place offered not only gluten free (100% corn tortillas) but they offered vegan options. I was able to get the princess her very own taco. She loved it. Again I wish I would have taken pictures but we were stuffing our faces so fast I forgot I even HAD a phone somewhere. After we ate we went and saw Elsa at the cupcake shop. Kennady got a gluten free vegan cupcake and Elsa sang to/with her. It was a fun time had by all. I took pictures of that but other people's kids were there too and I'm pretty anti posting pictures of other people's kids without permission. Oh and she got to make a craft. A little green foam mitten. She promptly shoved it in her mouth. I DID take pictures of that lol  After Santa , Elsa and lunch we headed to the playground in the middle of the mall. It was a fun mommy and me kind of day.

*Side note*  Santa remembered us from last year. He said oh wow she couldn't walk last year (ok good guess she's not even 2 yet but ok dude). Then he says you were at the (insert mall name last time) (ok so he was right). Then he told me the exact event we were at last year when we got the pictures taken. ok So maybe Santa does know all lol


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