Feeding my kid isn't cheap!

As many of you know my 21 month old has a number of allergies which makes feeding her quite the task. Thankfully I love to cook so I guess it's a bit easier for me. Or at least that's what moms at the allergist's office say. Over the last 21 months , actually over the last three years  I've learned a ton about saving money, couponing and product testing. Had you asked me 5 years ago would I be a couponing mama I would have said you're crazy. NOW? I kind of need to be or I'd go broke. Kennady has to have everything gluten free, dairy free , egg white free, nut free, chicken free, turkey free and oat free. So shopping for her is an act of creativity at best. People always ask how I get free products and great coupons and the simple answer is I ask. Every company now days has a web site and on their website there is a "contact us" button somewhere. Click the button , tell them your story and wait for a reply. Many times companies will offer to either mail you or email you a few coupons. Sometimes I even get doubly blessed and get coupons for totally free items. I do wish there were more coupons for fresh fruits and veggies. I found we have a really great farmers market so I have started shopping there. There is also a local farm that is open during certain seasons and almost everything is $1 a pound or under. You get to pick everything yourself. So that's pretty awesome. I'm going to start posting more about food and savings tactics.

How to spend $30 at Whole Foods

My freebie haul from a local mom and gluten free expo

A typical snack for my princess. 

The princess' favorite pizza

The best egg replacers I've found so far

The princess eats tofu at least once a day


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