I received a sample pack of Bikini Ready Energy Gummies ( http://www.bikinireadylifestyle.com/?product=energy-gummies-2 ) in my VitaVoxBox from Influenster. Being a breastfeeding mom I couldn’t actually use them so I gave them to a friend and “interviewed her”.

She started off by saying the sample packet was a bit too small. She would have rather had the fully recommended dose. They gave her a boost of energy like a cup of coffee. There was no “crash feeling” when the gummies wore off.  Taste wise they had a more “medicine” taste rather than a fruity taste. She said it was nothing she couldn’t handle. All in all she said she’s going to buy some. “If two of them made me feel like I drank a cup of coffee I wonder what the full dose will make me feel like.” ~ Emily

So give them a try they may just give you the boost that you need.


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