Before I start I warn you there might be a few naughty words in this post. THAT being said lets get started…

I was told by multiple people while I was pregnant to get Damon to sign the Declaration of Paternity after Kennady was born. I was told that it would help with child support whenever I got around to filing. It would cut out the extra hearings (and money) of having to drag my daughter for a useless DNA test. That the declaration of paternity was pretty set in stone. Well THEY LIED! At least in California. I was informed a couple days ago that the judge will probably order a DNA test due to Kennady being less than 3 years old.

So WAIT A DAMN MINUTE… You’re telling me that I didn’t have to deal with this jack-hole after I gave birth?! This man partly ruined my postpartum hospital experience. This “man” came into my room without knocking or being invited inside. He came in bitching about some woman named Wendy. When I was finally able to get a word in I started to explain WHY I had an emergency c-section. Mind you he hadn’t asked about ANY of that! So I started to explain and he says “Let me stop you”. He then starts telling me about how his ex had the same thing happen with their son who passed away and WHY did I get the good medical care and she didn’t?! As if Kennady and I shouldn’t have gotten the quality care that we did. He just went on and on about it. DUDE you’re telling a woman who was just cut open and has a sick baby in the NICU that she shouldn’t have gotten quality care because your ex didn’t? It upset me. It upset me to no end and I now find out that the sheet of people he signed means nothing?!?!?!  You mean to tell me that I didn’t have to go through that? You mean I didn’t have to embarrass myself by explaining to the NICU staff WHY he wasn’t banded and not there for the delivery just to have him NOT show up for his Sunday visit with my daughter? I sat there on Sunday and told visitors to stay home because he was coming to see Kennady. I spent all day ALONE in my room. You mean I didn’t have to have my best friend upset and literally run OUT of my room because he was being such a jerk? You mean I could have had ONLY positive people around me postpartum? I feel cheated. I feel VERY cheated. The happiest time of my life was made to be hurtful and hellish.  IT’S NOT FAIR! Yes I lived through it and YES I’ll get the hell over it but I still just think it’s not fair. WHY have the papers if they mean nothing? This so called man was so horrible that the nurses called my room asking if I wanted them to call security to make him leave. The birth certificate lady even asked if I wanted her to call security and have him removed.

The moral of the story is if you live in California and have a bad break up that sheet of paper means shit. Actually no that’s a lie the moral of the story is do not let ANYONE ruin any experience for you. They can only ruin it if you let them. I allowed him to ruin my postpartum experience because I thought I “needed” that piece of paper signed. The first time someone offered to call security I should have said yes, even if the paper hadn’t been signed.




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