I was looking through some packets I got from a few local stores. I saw an ad for Gymboree in one of them. It said they offer one free class to try out to see if you like it. I thought hey why not. I did the easy sign up online. A few days before a VERY happy lady named Lindie called me to verify our class. She said just bring a pair of socks and a blanket. I said ok. Class day came and we made the 30 minute drive. We walk in and Miss Lindsie was there to greet us. She was sooooo nice. We went in and picked a mat on the floor. Lindie got my mom a chair since she can’t get on the floor because of her bad knee. We sang songs , had tummy time and blew bubbles. Kennady seemed to really like it. After class of course was “the sale”. Two classes a week for $65 a month which also includes unlimited open play gym. Of COURSE I signed up. This is the only time I really get to see other mommies of babies Kennady’s age. I’ve met some wonderful moms and dads.  Kennady loves the other babies and to a point I think she likes to show off. She sits up all by herself when she’s there. We get home and she just tips over. It’s pretty funny. God I love this girl.


GYM gym1 gym2


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