Christmas 2014

Well Christmas started off quite annoying. I normally cook the full meal the night before/early morning on Christmas. Since Kennady has been born I’ve been overly tired. SO I made the stuffing Christmas eve. The kitchen looked like a hurricane hit it so my mom said she’d clean the kitchen and wash the dishes before I got up the next morning to cook the full meal. I wake up at 7am , go down stairs  and see that the kitchen was in the same state it was when I went to bed. I grabbed Kennady and went back up stairs and went back to sleep. A few hours later I came back down stairs and magically the kitchen was clean. I cooked two chickens , sweet potato pie and greens. We had dinner around 8:30pm. Then we were off to see the Christmas lights at the speed way. it was so beautiful.
All in all Kennady had a great first Christmas. I’m trying to cherish every moment with Kennady. Lord knows where we will be or what will happen next year. I must admit that I love being Kennady’s only parent. I get to experience all of her firsts. Just she and I :)
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