I’m DARN proud

From the time that Kennady was conceived my body has been keeping her alive. First via pregnancy and now through breastfeeding. I look at her in awe. I look at my body in awe. The things that the human body can do are amazing. I feel so blessed to even be able to nurse my child. So many women would love to be able to breastfeed their child and I am blessed enough to be able to. I pray that I am able to reach my breastfeeding goal with my tiny princess.  When Kennady was in the NICU she had trouble latching on at first. It took all the power I had to not just sit there and cry. They had me using a nipple shield and everything. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to nurse. I thought I’d be an exclusive pumper. After she was discharged we took her to the doctor for her well baby check up. I took her into one of the patient rooms and sat down. She started to cry. My first instinct was to put her to my breast and try to feed her. She latched right on and started eating and that’s where she’s been ever since.
I delayed solid foods until she was six months old. I’ve made every food my daughter has eaten from scratch. Everything from her purees to her meatloaf. I make sure everything is fresh , soy free, dairy free, nut free, fish free and gluten free. She STILL wont take a bottle but that’s ok with me. She wants her mommy milk directly from the mommy and her mommy would have it no other way.
As I sit in my glider holding the most amazing person I know how lucky I am and I thank the Lord for blessing me with this child.


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