Ho Ho Ho

I finally got a chance to take Kennady to see Santa. We made a whole day of it. We went to Town Square for the Mrs. Claus event. At 2:30pm we got to make a stocking with Mrs. Claus. There were cookies and hot chocolate for everyone. Of course Kennady didn’t have any of that but maybe next year. After we were done with that we dropped the stocking off at the drying station and headed for the mall’s train. After waiting in line for about 10 minutes it was our turn. Kennady wasn’t too fond of the train when we first got on. She was a bit hungry and tried nursing ON THE TRAIN!!! I figured I wouldn’t “offend” the others in the train car by whipping out my boob in the middle of a kiddie train ride so I waited. The train started to move and Kennady’s face lit up. It was awesome to see. Half way through the ride she started waving at people as the train passed them. Like she was the queen of England or something. She’s such a ham. I love it! After the train ride we went to The Sugar Factory for lunch. I had a Garbage Salad and a s'mores hot chocolate. Kennady sat in a big girl high chair all by herself. It was bitter sweet. She’s getting so big so fast. She’s 9 months old already. During lunch I got a text message saying it was our turn to come to Santa’s house for pictures. Santa is quite high tech now. You sign in via mobile device and they text you when it’s your turn to go. Off to Santa’s house we went. She did really good with Santa. She didn’t cry or anything. I even got to be in a picture with her. It was a fun mommy and daughter day. The Mrs. Claus event only cost $10. For $10 we got to make the stocking, ride the train ,take pictures with Santa and got a free 5x7 photo.
Mrs. Claus experience $10
Lunch : $22
Seeing your baby with Santa for the first time: PRICELESS!

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