My little gymnast!

My wild child loves being in the gym. KC is very much a free spirit so  any organized activity is a hit or miss depending on how she's feeling at any given time. She's been going since she was around 18 months old. She loves her teachers Miss Mary and Miss Amanda. Does she listen? Not always lol I mean come on she's 2 for pete sake!

Her favorite thing to do is the rock climbing wall. Not something you think you'd see in gymnastics gym , right? Well it's actually really awesome. It helps the kiddos with their strength and motor skills. KC mastered that the second time she tried it. The climbing wall used to be part of the toddler obstacle course but at her last class it wasn't there anymore. KC looked pretty upset by it. So instead of the rock wall she runs back and forth across the balance beam. That might be      partially my fault. I did get her a balance beam last Christmas.

I love seeing her learn and have so much fun. Who knew mommy and me gymnastics could be so fun?

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