Sunsella Mighty Pops 6 Silicone Popsicle Molds REVIEW!

Now I love a good multiple purpose product. My daughter loves popsicles as much as the next kid but during the winter she cuts way back on eating them. When she does get them I like being able to make them from scratch because of her 18 different food allergies. When we aren't using these to make yummy homemade popsicles I use them as snack holders in my purse and in my diaper bag. I love putting those Gerber Graduates melts in them. They're small so with the size of the silicone "molds" you can fit a lot of melts in them. The molds are made of high quality dish washer safe BPA free silicone. They're easy to use and easy to clean. I either just hand wash them or pop them on the top rack of my dish washer. Overall I really love these things!

*I was gifted these silicone molds but that does not effect my opinion of the product* 

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