Sunsella Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings REVIEW!

I love cooking. I actually cook 3 sometimes 4 meals a day for myself and my tiny human. So I'm pretty obsessed with these eggs rings. Granted my daughter nor I can eat eggs but the rest of my family can so they've come in very handy. They make the perfect round sandwich size eggs. The bonus is they can also be used to make awesome toddler size pancakes (which my daughter loves). The rings are made from high quality silicone which means they wont melt or burn in your pans. They're easy to clean as well. I sprayed a little bi of cooking spray on the rings before dropping the eggs in and everything slides out just perfectly. The long metal "handle" can get a bit hot so be careful and grab the red round "nob" at the end. These will be a breakfast gadget staple in my house from now on. 

* I was gifted these rings but that in no way effects my 100% honest review*

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