Crafting again.....well sorta

I was looking for a fob for my diaper bag and I just wasn't finding the character or colors that I wanted. I sent my friend Kathy a message and asked her to make me a Toki inspired character and she did just that. Kathy is the owner of Bits of Joy .  She makes the most amazing clay charms.

As I waited for my charm to arrive I hit the craft store to find glass beads , head pins, chains and everything else I'd  need for my little crafting project. After a couple days of looking I found exactly what I was looking for. I wanted pinks , purples and teals to match "her" hair. A week later "she" finally arrived. I haven't done beading in years so it was a rather slow start but once I got going and got into the rhythm  it went pretty fast. I attached the glass  beads and seed beads one by one to the chain ..... my creation started to take form. Once I was done I attached the clip, used my soldering iron to "seal" the jump ring and attached it to my Ju-Ju-Be Be Classy bag in the Duchess print. I think it goes with the bag quite well. I may have to start making these for clients again.

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