KidSpace Museum

I always like to take my tiny human to new places to explore. After looking for fun things to do in Pasadena I found the KidSpace Museum.  I was a little iffy on going at first as there were a few not so great reviews. Since it was in a good location with other things to do close by I figured why not. If it was a bust we'd still have a place to play and have fun. When we got there it didn't look like much from the outside so I got kind worried. When we walked through the totally cool tunnel to get to the ticket booth we were happily surprised. We headed right for the outdoor area. They have these really neat outdoor musical instruments. Of course Kennady loves anything that makes noise so she went right for them. She played and played until her heart was content THEN she saw the water! They have this cute little man made pond with a "waterfall" , rocks and seating. We walked over to the water and for the next hour that's where we stayed. Kennady laughed , squealed and jumped the entire time. Once I was able to drag her out of the water area we went back inside where she was able to climb on the super tall climbing "unit" (i'm not 100% sure what to call it lol) . We took goofy pictures in the photo booth with Auntie Danielle and of course headed BACK outside. This time we went to this huge covered area that had blue life size foam building blocks. This was her second favorite place at the museum. She stacked the blocks and knocked them down....stacked the blocks and knocked them down.... for over an hour. It was so much fun just watching her have  fun with such simple things. I think I had more fun outside than she did lol After the life size building blocks we went to the other side where she was able to ride  a foot powered tricycle and played in MORE water. By this point the museum was about to close. Kennady nor I really wanted to leave.We were both having too much fun. Next trip we will have to go earlier so we can spend all day there.

Having fun in the water. It was hard trying to find a picture of just her
so I tried to make sure all the other kids' faces weren't fully visible. 

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