I haven't actually been to Disneyland in years so I figured since we were going to be in Ca for awhile why the heck not take the tiny human. It was a quickly planned trip. I started off by booking a character dining experience for us at Goofy's Kitchen. Since we were in the Inland Empire we took the Metro Link train into Los Angeles and then on to Anaheim.  It was a bit of a long trip but well worth it. We got to the park around 9:30am and rushed to the Disneyland Hotel to find Goofy's Kitchen. We checked in, took pictures with Goofy and waited for our table. They seated us right by the door where you take your strollers to park them outside. I was thrilled that way I could watch our stroller and the stuff in it. When I made our reservations I listed all of Kennady's allergies. One of the Chefs came over to our table and talked to me about which items would be safe for her to eat. It was really refreshing to have a restaurant take allergies very seriously. I thanked him and went to get our plates. Kennady ate lots of fruit and potatoes. She was way too excited about all the awesome characters that were walking around. First Minnie Mouse stopped by and hung out with her. Then came Chip and Dale. Now Disney moms don't be mad at me but I don't even know which one is Chip and which one is Dale. One of them came over while they sang Kennady happy birthday. He sat down and even held her hand. It was adorable. She loves the characters with the big noses. The characters caught on very quickly to her delay and were so sweet. The look on her face made my day. After breakfast we went over to Disneyland first. Shortly after a short shopping trip Kennady took a nice long nap. So I just walked around shopped and took pictures (as you can tell). A couple days later my best friend and her family joined us at the park. We had so much fun walking around , eating, riding rides and watching the Main Street Electrical Parade. All in all we had an awesome couple of days at Disneyland and California Adventure. Can't wait to go back. 

Best friends for 20 years!

No one gives shoulder rides like a God Father!

Say yes to the $23 bubble wand lol

The look on her face is what I live for!

She was so not impressed lol


It's a Small World

When the bubble wand goes all wrong lol

lol his poor head

Walt is always home

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