I had NO idea I needed these!

I had seen a few ladies talking about “stroller clips” . I had no idea what these magical things were. I had a Mommy Hook which I used on a daily basis. The main problem with the Mommy Hook was it didn’t tend to stay in one place. Sometimes it would fall all the way to one side and down the frame of Kennady’s Bugaboo stroller. The Mommy Hook also places all the weight in one area of the stroller frame which worried me.
I was in one of my JuJuBe fan club groups and they were talking about custom stroller clips. I contacted the wonderful Naomi Vick via Facebook and placed my order for Lilac Lace stroller clips. I thought they’d be cute to have. Little did I know how much I would fall in love with these. They keep the weight of my bag distributed evenly on my stroller frame. I can also use them on shopping carts. Kennady is still in her infant seat. I put her infant seat inside the shopping carts (NEVER on top). My bag normally ends up in the seat of the basket taking up much needed shopping cart room. With these clips my bag hangs from the shopping cart handle which also makes it convenient for me to get into my bag if need be.
So far I’ve used them with my JuJuBe BFF bag and my JuJuBe HoBoBe bag. It has worked great with both. I’m going to try it with my Coach bag next and see how it hangs.
Naomi’s page is : https://www.facebook.com/turquoiserose2013

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