When does the guilt stop?

Any parent worth their weight in dirty diapers will tell you that guilt is part of the job. When you’re entrusted with the total care of another human being you are bound to make mistakes. I know for myself I have spent a number of sleepless crying nights staring at my daughter as she slept. Many times I’m not even sure what I’m crying over. I feel this overwhelming guilt like everything I do some how just isn’t right. My daughter is a happy healthy and 11 month old. At what point do we as mothers stop feeling the mommy guilt?
In my heart I know I have nothing to feel guilty about but when is my head going to understand? I’ve been by my daughter’s side since she was inside my belly. She is totally and utterly amazing. I’m blessed to get to nurture and witness her awesomeness. I logically have nothing to feel guilty about. I’ve been here since before day one to support and love her. That being said ……mommy guilt is very real….even if it’s all in our heads lol


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