Valentine Day


We spent a rather low key Valentines Day. Pretty much just hung out with the family and with my super adorable Valentine. We spent the day at the library helping my cousin with her homework. Which was fine with me. I got to spend the day with my baby princess so that was what mattered.  It’s funny I bought her Valentines outfit and sleeper last year before she was born. They were on sale after Valentines Day for like $1.88. So of course I bought them. My family laughed at me. I never thought she’d still fit into them by the time her first V. Day rolled around. Back then my midwife was thinking Kennady was going to be 10 pounds or more at birth. She wasn’t even 7 pounds when she was born. She actually fit into preemie clothes when she was born. So she was a bit behind in “size” and she’s still playing catch up. As long as she’s healthy and happy I don’t care if she is a cute little shorty. Heck I’m short and I’m darn adorable lol

I hope everyone had a love filled Valentines day


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