Acquapura Personal Water Filter REVIEW!

Since we do a lot of long distance driving  I keep an emergency kit in the car. I love being prepared for the "just in case". I even keep MREs in my emergency kit lol . So this water filter was the perfect addiction to my kit. It's light and easy to use. Even tho it's light the plastic is a nice and sturdy. It's not one of those cheap ones you get from the big box retailers. The triple layer filtration system makes me feel even more comfortable using it in a stream or lake. In my opinion it's very important to keep the "back wash" syringe so in the event the water isn't 100% clear you can wash out the filter. So don't lose or miss place it. The unit also comes with extra filters which is always good. All in all a great product.

* I received this water filter in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

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