First Gymnastics Class

Well I took the royal princess to her first gymnastics class. It was a mommy and me sort of class. She sat down (for awhile) with the other kids and went through the obstacle course. We started with stretching then moved on to front rolls. She REALLY liked those. After front rolls then the kids would walk across the floor level balance beam. Then start the rotation all over again. The next rotation was crawling through a tunnel , going to the big trampoline , hanging from the bar, crawling across the parallel bars and flipping into the ball pit. She loved the ball pit the most of course. I may have to invest in her own ball pit.The gym as a whole was PACKED. Easily 100 kids in the big main room. Thankfully Kennady's class is in a mid size room off to the side. They took us on a mini tour of the big room while getting the kids some water. The teachers all seemed very nice and the kids looked like they were having a lot of fun. I may try a couple more schools before I make a final decision on where to send her. I feel like this was a good star tho.

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