My tiny princess has always been a great sleeper. She loves sleep as much as I do but the older she gets the more nap time started to be a struggle. Her naps are pretty regular but getting her down for the naps was getting harder and harder until I was sent the We Dream CD. Now she WILLINGLY goes down for her naps. She grabs her blankie and points at the laptop until I turn on her CD. I turn the CD on and and she lays down and falls fast to sleep. The same routine happens at bedtime only this time I lay down and listen to the CD as well. It's very calming.

I personally think that Ryan Judd should partner with one of the major baby companies to get this CD into one of those noise machines that almost every parent has in their nursery. You can tell this CD is done by someone who knows a thing or two about not only kids and sleep but calming and soothing adults after a long day of parenting.  I could even see parents sitting down with a nice glass of wine and listening to this to decompress. This is great for kids and parents alike.

*I received this CD in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the artist has to say about his CD:

ARE NIGHT TIMES AND NAP TIMES CHALLENGING FOR YOUR BABY?Are you looking for peaceful lullaby music but don't want to hear Twinkle, Twinkle for the thousandth time? The original music on this CD can help.

Ryan Judd, a board-certified music therapist with a master's degree in psychology, has developed these modern lullabies specifically to help bring you and your little one into a deep, restful sleep.

These instrumental guitar compositions are based on the most recent research that shows the positive effects of music on sleep.

The soothing ocean waves create a womb-like sound experience and produce white noise to drown out household sounds. This evidence-based music creates the rhythm of a resting heartbeat which can help you both relax, fall asleep and sleep soundly.

This CD includes:

1. Modern Lullabies composed by a board certified music therapist

2. A soothing ocean track that continues throughout the entire CD and between tracks so there aren't any breaks or silence between songs.

3. All of the tracks are played at the rhythm of the resting heart rate.

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