2-in-1 Nursing Cover and Carseat Canopy REVIEW

This is GENIUS !!! I wish I had had this a year ago. I'm not sure why someone hadn't thought of this before?!?!? A car seat cover and nursing cover. My daughter still fits in her infant seat so when it's really sunny out I still throw a car seat cover over her. She is also still a nursling. So this really is perfect. You don't have to carry around two different covers. The cover is made from a light weight breathable material. It just the right thickness that your baby wont get too hot or too cold. I will keep this cover even after my daughter is out of her infant seat. The nursing cover alone is well worth it. It's not a D-ring or velcro like so many others are. The part that goes around your neck to hold it on to actually stitched together. So no matter how hard your child pulls it it's not coming off. My daughter is in that toddler stage of wanting to see everything even while nursing. So she pulls her cover off every single time....at least she used to. We don't have that problem anymore. This is going to be my new mommy must have baby shower gift.

*I received this item free of charge in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

The Key to Protect Your Baby In Public With Confidence!
• How often you have had to buy different products designed to perform only single function and carrying them altogether has caused you massive discomfort?
• Mom‘s Lab presents a unique never seen before, designed by us for you product, which is patented. From now on you will have 1 product designed to perform 2 functions. It is light, convenient and we can assure you that you will use it on a daily basis. It took us great time to design and test the product in order to gain best results and today we are happy to share it with our Mom‘s Lab world.
• Carseat Canopy and Breastfeeding Nursing Cover 2-in-1!
• We made a thorough research to find out what do mommy‘s need and what would really help them to feel comfortable. As the result we have created a product that would meet their demands.
• This product will help you in various ways not only physically but emotionally as well because precisely this product will not allow you to get into uncomfortable situations in the public places.
• It is designed to perform 2 different functions, moreover it will easily fit in your bag.

• Do you find nursing outside your home stressful or embarrassing? You do not have to worry anymore!
• Nursing Cover will help you feed your baby without fear of awkwardness or causing any uncomfortable moments. Take it with you wherever you go and you will be able to discretely and easily feed your baby in shops, cafés or parks!
• Boned plastic neckline gives you direct eye contact with your beloved baby, always letting him or her see your smile!
• Nursing Cover folds down to a tiny size and comes with a handy storage bag with some extra space for pacifiers, pads or tissues. You can also use it as a light blanket for your baby when outdoors.

• How often do you watch weather forecast worrying how to properly protect your baby?
• Moms Lab Carseat Canopy will help you to protect your baby anywhere: inside and outside (shops, cafes, parks, cars with turned conditioners systems on).
• From now on you will be able to protect your baby from sunlight, wind, sleep irritating movement of surrounding people, bacteria in various facilities or field (e.g. doctors‘offices where common bacteria are spread).
• LAB Carseat canopy is a premium product made of easily washable 100% Cotton fabric and designed to be lightweight and breathable.
Stripes are integrated with silicone lane that protects stripes from sliding down. Position them at the level most comfortable for you and feel safe for your baby.
• Each angle of Carseat Cover has Velcro stripes that you can adjust to your Carseat and this way protect your baby from gusts of wind and possible exposure. All you have to do is attach stripe of Velcro to your Carseat and join it with the blanket.
• Cover is well designed to check upon your baby. Simply uncover bit of a blanket and you face of your precious will appear.

- MOM'S LAB Nursing Breastfeeding Cover and Carseat Canopy is a premium product made of easily washable 100% Cotton fabric and designed to be lightweight and breathable.
- Many breastfeeding and carseat canopies are concerned about exposing too much skin. We have designed this nursing cover exceptionally long and wide (75 x 110 cm) moreover we have chosen a fashionable polka dot pattern and deep colors that draw as less attention as possible. Our goal is to help you feel relaxed and enjoy every precious moment with your little angel :)

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