18 month appointment

The princess went for her 18 month check up last week and I was quite thrilled. Of course she's still short but hey what are you going to do when you have the DNA of two short people? Other than that everything seemed OK. She has a few more tests they want to run and an appointment with another doctor to verify that she is in fact a very healthy short person. Her doctors always tell me they feel bad sending her to another doctor or for another test but they just want to make sure it's DNA that makes her short and not something else. So far is she a 100% healthy toddler who loves to run , kick her ball and get into EVERYTHING. I'll happily take her to her appointments. I always learn something new. Everything from new recipes to what are good books for her age group. I'm all for learning as much as I can to further the development of my tiny human. That's what moms do, right?


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