Pepper.... REALLY?!?!?

So I found out the hard way that my daughter is allergic to pepper. Yes pepper. Regular ole black pepper. Poor baby broke out in red itchy hives. Thankfully I saw it right away and got her medicine. A bit of medicine and lots of mama milk and she was fine. It's just so scary. Thankfully her allergist has me always keep a food journal so I knew exactly what it was. Pepper was the only new thing that was introduced into her diet this entire week. Nursing seems to really help calm her down during a reaction.  She's now passed out in bed and I'm able to finish eating my dinner. I pray she grows out of these allergies. It's so scary I watch everything she puts into her mouth and I write it down. I don't mind at all. It's my job as her mother but I just worry about when she gets older and I'm not standing over her watching everything that goes into her mouth at school. I love her and don't want anything to happen to her.


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