Been Sick!

I'm so sorry that I have had so many review posts back to back. Kennady was sick for ONE DAY and gave it to everyone else in the house and we were sick for a week or more. So I got behind on some of my reviews . I had to get them up as soon as I was able to sit up without my nose running off my face.

So lets talk about food!!!

My pretty mini LOVES tater tots. Which aren't exactly the healthiest of foods but everything is ok in moderation, right? I was sitting on Facebook during nap time and saw a video of a tater tot grilled cheese sandwich. GENIUS!

It's super simple. You grill the tater tots on one of those plug in grills. I got Kennady her own in door grill for less than $10 at Walmart. With her allergies it's important to try to cut the chances of cross contamination so she has a lot of her own cooking supplies. After you grill the tater tots for a couple of minutes (until they start to turn golden brown) you put cheese on one side and flip the other grilled tater tot patty on top of the one with the cheese and close the grill. Grill until cheese melts and SERVE! It really is THAT easy! 

I used Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds and Ore Ida Tater Tots for my princess' meal and she LOVED it! 

Grill: Rival Indoor Grill

Grill and enjoy!

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