Random Act of Kindness

I have been on the receiving end of many random acts of kindness through out my life. When I got pregnant with Kennady the acts became even more frequent. When I used to live in California we had a group called "free cycle" where you could go and request things for free or give them away. Well after multiple visits with my perinatal nurse and having her tell me that I NEED NEED NEEEEEEEEEEEEED a nursing pillow I went on free cycle to see if I could get one to try out for free. I thought they were pretty costly just for a pillow. Boy was I wrong these are not "just pillows". Anyway...... a nice lady emailed me saying she had a hardly used Boppy pillow. I was 7 months pregnant at the time. My mom and I got in the car and drove to Rancho Cucamonga. I went up to the house with a few large overly cute barking dogs and rang the door bell. A well dressed woman came to the door and said hold on let her put the dogs away. She came out with the pillow. As I was thanking her she said "I'm moving and I have a garage full of things if you'd like to take some or all of them." I said sure not knowing what she had. She opened the garage ....she had a high chair, play pen, bath seat and a number of other baby items. She told me I could take any or all of them. So course I took all of them. At this point I had purchased very little outside of the items I had in the bundle package from the baby store. So all of these things were a total blessing. My mom and I sat outside her house and washed all the items down. With a lot of blue Dawn dish washing liquid and a water hose we got all the items cleaned like new. My Boppy pillow became my best friend after Kennady was born. I ended up receiving another one as a baby shower gift from my friend Kim. Having two turned out to be a life saver. After having my c-section is was amazing to be able to have a Boppy up stairs in my bedroom and one downstairs. Climbing stairs after a c-section can be challenging at best. 

 Turns out the lady is a grandma who took care of her adorable grandchildren (they were at the house when my mom and I came over) but was moving to another state and would no longer be able to care for her grand babies. Kennady still has most of the items and uses the high chair multiple times a day. She loves her "eatin' seat" lol I'm so thankful for this women's kindness. I'm thankful for anyone who has shown kindness to Kennady , our family or myself. Something you think is small could mean so much to someone else.  Share the love. 


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